Ssshhh... Let Your Hands Do the Talking
  • A brand new website has been launched!

    The long awaited website revamp is complete!!!  SH BSL Training Centre has been going through a rebranding process, getting the…

    A man with a beard in front of a brick wall.
  • Norfolk Deaf Festival 2023

    Friday 8th and Saturday 9th July 2023 was the weekend NDF took over Norwich. It was also, appropriately, the weekend…

  • Meet the SH BSL Training Centre Team

    Who are you and where are you from? My name is Stephen Hurley, I am the founder of SH BSL.…

  • In Search of My (Deaf) Identity.

    Sometimes we can be on a journey, in search of something, and not even know it. A while ago, Steve…

  • You should sign up for one of Stephen Hurley’s BSL on-line courses!

    If you’re interested in learning sign language and want to find classes that are engaging online, you should sign up…

  • I want to address a very current topic in the Deaf community.  Accessibility.

    Accessibility has different definitions in varying situations.  In this article I am addressing the use of BSL Interpreters and subtitles…

  • Norfolk Deaf Festival – Fri 8th – Sat 9th July 2022

    Looking back on the Norfolk Deaf Festival I feel so proud of what we achieved and being part of such…

    SHBSL Stand
  • Deaf Awareness Sessions in June/July 2022

    Recently we have been providing to various organisations and institutions. I thought I would update you about a couple of…

  • British Sign Language Week

    British Sign Language Week is celebrated each year in March to coincide with the anniversary of the recognition of British…