Introduction to British Sign Language

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Introduction to British Sign Language

Course details

What will I learn?

  • Basic conversational words, greetings and numbers.
  • Learn how to spell any word you wish using just your fingers.
  • Skills in use of facial expressions, body language, referencing and grammar.
  • The ability to create simple sentences for daily life and work situations.
  • The skill of using tenses (past, present, future) and how to communicate with signed word ‘pictures' or what is correctly known as “placement”.

How will you learn?

  • We use interactive activities
  • Online bespoke resources on a student portal
  • Visually descriptive PowerPoint presentations
  • Games and fun methods to help you engage and remember.


What if I am not self funding and my employer/other will be paying for the course for me?

No problem.  Please contact me  to discuss this further and make the payment arrangements.

What if the course does not go ahead due to unforeseen circumstances, such as students dropping out? 

In this situation we would encourage you to stay with us for a course at a slightly later date, we would do our very best to arrange this within a reasonable time.  If, you decide to ask for a refund, we would stipulate that there be a £50 fee deducted for administration costs.

…I miss a class

don’t worry, we appreciate you all have busy lives. We do need regular attendance but when there is an unfortunate occasion where you miss a lesson, there are lots of videos on the learning platform to support you. 

Is there a learning agreement documents ?

Yes, I will email you separately and please sign as agreed.

What if I want some extra support?

Some students will arrive to class early (if face-to-face) and spend 30 mins working with each other to support or you can have additional tutorials with me (additional costs).

What if I am not confident with technology?

Don’t worry, I am an IT whizz! I will support you and make sure that you are able to join in. I have supported students from young age to adults with joining my class so you won’t be left behind.

Am I too old (or too young) to learn?

No! I have taught students in their late 70s. However if you are under 18, an appropriate adult will need to accompany you in your lessons (they do not need to participate but must be in the room with you).

I live far away.

Teaching and ALL exams can all be done remotely.

What if I have a query /concern. How do I communicate with the teacher/tutor?

If you have any concerns/worries with the course, please contact me immediately via email or Whatsapp (during working hours only). I am then able to correspond with you via written English and alleviate any concerns or issues.  If there is a communication barrier, I have an Access To Work interpreter who can provide communication support.

I use a wheelchair. Are your lessons accessible?

All of my teaching locations have wheelchair access, accessible parking and toilets. I am passionate about ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to learn and so I endeavour to make sure the learning environment is accessible and suitable for all. 

Will I be assessed?

No, this is a non-accredited introduction for you to learn at your own pace.

What happens next?

The Introduction course loosely follows the first of three modules which are covered in depth on the Level 1 Certificate, thereby giving you a really good foundation on which to start your exam based courses in the language, should you so wish.

Completion of the Introduction to BSL course means you can confidently enrol on the Signature Level 1 with SHBSL.

Upcoming courses:

Introduction to BSL – Thursday 7th November 2024

6 spaces
  • 7 November, 2024
  • 6 weeks
  • The Deaf Community Centre, Johnson Place, Norwich NR2 2SA
Intro to bsl.