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Level 1 Award in British Sign Language

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BSL Level 1 - Courses

There are no entry requirements or prior experience needed to begin this course; so it is ideal for new learners (both deaf and hearing). This is a basic qualification in British Sign Language (BSL) which will equip you to undertake simple conversations in a range of everyday topics.  It is an ideal first stepping-stone to becoming fluent in the language.
The course has three main units, which are separately assessed; each of which needs to be passed to achieve the full Signature Level One BSL Qualification. 

BSL unit 101 – Introduction to BSL

The first unit is BSL 101 which is designed as an introduction to the language and must be completed first. This introductory unit covers fingerspelling numbers, greetings, weather, basic transport and directions.  This first unit is assessed with and by the tutor (1:1) and requires a 5 min conversation to take place.

BSL unit 102 – Conversational BSL

This is a natural follow on from the first unit by expanding your BSL vocabulary and structure to  be able to explain your activities at home,  describing family, describing people and homes, discussing hobbies and interests.  The assessment will be a recorded short conversation undertaken with the tutor which is then externally marked.

BSL unit 103 – BSL at School, College or Work

The third unit continues to incorporate learning thus far and the theme is related to school, college or your work environment. Topics include describing your work/college/school, food and break times, activities at work/college/school and travel to/from/around work. The final assessment takes place after completion of Unit 103 and follows the same format as BSL102.

What will I learn?

  • Basic everyday vocabulary (numbers, time, days, food, drink)
  • Basic BSL grammar (use of basic placement, basic plurals in BSL, use of Non Manual Features, negation and simple classifiers)
  • You will be able to create simple short sentences in BSL that will enable you to describe your every day family life and work.

How will I learn?

  • We use interactive learning activities
  • Online videos and homework tasks
  • Visual Powerpoints
  • Topic based learning
  • Online learning platform
  • Quizzes and games

How will I be assessed?

  • All assessments are done 1:1 with the teacher. Assessment 101 is marked by the teacher. Assessment 102 and 103 will be recorded and then they are sent off to Signature to be marked by their assesors


What if I am not self funding and my employer/other will be paying for the course for me?

No problem.  Please contact me  to discuss this further and make the payment arrangements.

What if the course does not go ahead due to unforeseen circumstances, such as students dropping out? 

In this situation we would encourage you to stay with us for a course at a slightly later date, we would do our very best to arrange this within a reasonable time.  If, you decide to ask for a refund, we would stipulate that there be a £50 fee deducted for administration costs.

…I miss a class

don’t worry, we appreciate you all have busy lives. We do need regular attendance but when there is an unfortunate occasion where you miss a lesson, there are lots of videos on the learning platform to support you. 

Is there a learning agreement documents ?

Yes, I will email you separately and please sign as agreed.

What if I want some extra support?

Some students will arrive to class early (if face-to-face) and spend 30 mins working with each other to support or you can have additional tutorials with me (additional costs).

What if I am not confident with technology?

Don’t worry, I am an IT whizz! I will support you and make sure that you are able to join in. I have supported students from young age to adults with joining my class so you won’t be left behind.

What if I am dyslexic/have a learning need?

If you have a dyslexia assessment (or any other evidence) in place, then I will need to send copies of this to Signature so that they can be made aware when marking your work. You will be given extra time in all exams.  You must have some form of evidence (e.g. medical assessment, doctor etc) that can be used.

Am I too old (or too young) to learn?

No! I have taught students in their late 70s. However if you are under 18, an appropriate adult will need to accompany you in your lessons (they do not need to participate but must be in the room with you).

I fail an exam

For ALL Levels,  You are able to pay for resits (plus an admin fee). There are no maximum number of retakes.

I live far away.

Teaching and ALL exams can all be done remotely.

What if I have a query /concern. How do I communicate with the teacher/tutor?

If you have any concerns/worries with the course, please contact me immediately via email or Whatsapp (during working hours only). I am then able to correspond with you via written English and alleviate any concerns or issues.  If there is a communication barrier, I have an Access To Work interpreter who can provide communication support.

I use a wheelchair. Are your lessons accessible?

All of my teaching locations have wheelchair access, accessible parking and toilets. I am passionate about ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to learn and so I endeavour to make sure the learning environment is accessible and suitable for all. 

What happens next when I pass BSL Level 1?

Completion of the Level One Award in British Sign Language (Accredited by Signature) means you can confidently enrol onto the Level Two Award in British Sign Language with SHBSL.

Upcoming courses:

BSL Level 1 – Saturday 14th September 2024

£425 | without exam £325 | Exam £108
14 spaces
  • 14 September, 2024
  • 24 sessions - 14th/28th Sept, 26th Oct, 9th Nov, 23rd Nov, 7th Dec and more dates to followed in 2025
  • West Norfolk Deaf Association, 32B Railway Road, King's Lynn, PE30 1NF
Bsl level 1

BSL Level 1 – Tuesday 1st October 2024

£425 | without exam £325 | Exam £108
7 spaces
  • 1 October, 2024
  • 24 weeks
  • ZOOM
Bsl level 1

BSL Level 1 – Thursday 9th January 2025

£425 | without exam £325 | Exam £108
12 spaces
  • 9 January, 2025
  • 24 weeks
  • The Deaf Community Centre, Johnson Place, Norwich NR2 2SA
Bsl level 1