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With over 20 years teaching experience, SHBSL can provide you with modern, flexible learning, to suit your needs. Learn the art of Sign Language remotely via Zoom or at one of our teaching hubs in Norwich, Kings Lynn, Norfolk or Cambridge.

Ssshhh... Let Your Hands Do the Talking

Welcome to SH BSL Training Centre

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We offer a variety of Signature accredited courses as well as bespoke courses for BSL (British Sign Language). BSL is a rich, visual language used by the deaf community in the UK. 

If you are interested in learning more about BSL and how it can be beneficial in various settings, including personal and professional communication, then get in touch. 

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    • What is British Sign Language?

      British Sign Language (BSL) was recognised as an official language in March 2003 by the UK Government. In April 2022, the BSL Act gained Royal Assent to be officially recognised as a language. Currently, it is estimated that around 151,000 Deaf people use it along with others who use it for family or work purposes. Currently, a GCSE BSL is being devised. It is hoped to be rolled out in schools within the next few years.

    • Aspects of the language

      BSL is a complete language which incorporates facial expression; body language and use of movements within the space of the hands; body; face and head. It has its own grammar and sentence structure.

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    BSL Resources

    Here are some free downloadable resources to help get you started. Feel free to print these off or save them to your device. These will help you learn to 'fingerspell', this means spelling out words on your fingers, you will be able to sign anything you like once you have mastered this! There is also a sheet with some basic signs. Have fun!

    Upcoming courses

    Explore our upcoming British Sign Language courses, tailored to suit different learning styles. See below to find your ideal fit!

    Learning sign language with Steve has been amazing. Despite zero prior BSL experience, within a few months I was able to attend Deaf socials and communicate effectively in sign language. Steve is a great teacher who makes learning fun and manageable".

    Dr.Terri of University of East Anglia

    “Steve has been brilliant teacher. He makes lessons fun and engaging, and provides a really good balance of keeping things light-hearted whilst also having high expectations in order to prepare students for Signature assessments. I have felt really confident in his knowledge and expertise throughout.”

    Maddy Hale, Teacher of Deaf Children and Young People

    I just want to say thank you for teaching and supporting me! You are funny and passionate and I’ve always enjoyed your classes.

    Mother of a Deaf Child

    The on-line BSL Level 1 course has been a great experience. The class size was small & lessons were relaxed, fun & supportive. The on-line resources that accompany the course were amazing. It has been invaluable to be able to look back over sessions & practice. Steve was approachable, encouraging and able to identify the strengths of each student. I’m looking forward to Level 2.

    S Jessop

    You never know when you might meet someone who is deaf or hard of hearing, so knowing some basic BSL signs can make all the difference. Thanks to Stephen Hurley-SHBSL giving our staff in Norwich a British Sign Language taster session. Air ambulance was obviously our favourite sign.

    East Anglian Air Ambulance

    There were 45 attendees who all thoroughly enjoyed the Deaf Awareness presentation and teaching basic sign language. The chairperson of The Costessey Society said to me that it was one of the best talks they have had.

    Vivienne Bell

    I would like to thank Stephen and his BSL interpreter for helping all my colleagues at the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary gain a better understanding of what it is like to be Deaf. Stephen was very informative and funny, and I know we all learned a lot from the training session.


    Steve is an engaging and knowledgeable BSL teacher with a fantastic sense of humour. Learning BSL is made easy by his structured approach which combines e-learning and face to face. His supportive online resources are organised and accessible allowing you to learn at your own pace. A great BSL experience which I would recommend.

    L.Clarke (TOD)

    SH BSL is a great place to learn. Stephen provides quality in-person and online learning, and he is committed to giving all students the support they need to succeed. SH BSL has a fantastic pass rate, the course is excellent and I look forward to each session.

    Alexandra F

    I attended DAT training course and it was amazing, I think it is really important that we are all more aware of the difficulties faced and are given tools to allow us to make everyone feel included at the clinic. I have certainly taken some of these things on board and feel it has improved my ability to communicate not only with people that are deaf or hard of hearing but also people that do not speak English as a first language. Just a few small adjustments with positioning etc has proved to make a difference.


    Stephen is a kind teacher with a good sense of humour, he made the initial daunting Zoom lessons fun, relaxed and of a high standard of teaching. Resources were easily accessible including material taught in lesson to secure learning and perfect to support us with our home studies and exam preparation. When it came to our exam modules Steve offered 1:1 sessions and support, he really went above and beyond. I would recommend Steve as a teacher and hope to learn with him again in the future.

    Emma S

    Stephen taught me my level 1 BSL. Really enjoyed learning thanks to his great teaching. Highly recommend if you’re looking to learn this amazing language.

    Amelia H

    If you’re ready to learn British Sign Language and are looking for a fun and engaging online platform then I highly recommend it. I completed Level 1-2 via Zoom and have since grown with increasing confidence as a signer. SH BSL is a great option for beginners and experienced signers alike.

    Leyya B

    Steve is a great teacher, bringing patience and fun to each lesson. I always felt comfortable and encouraged to learn more, with Steve always being approachable as well as fellow students.


    Of all the training course I been on, this had been the most interactive and engaging one with an amazing sense of humour.