Stephen Hurley is an active member of the Deaf community, he offers a fresh, dynamic approach to learning and tries to include exposure to other deaf tutors and uses interactive teaching as a positive immersive way of adopting the language.

Being Deaf himself, Stephen teaches with an enthusiasm and honesty that is hard to match. Much of Stephen’s skill in teaching comes from his own learning experience and a deep-seated pride that comes from being part of the Deaf Community.

Stephen originally studied for a HND in Information Technology at  Sheffield Hallam University before completing his Level 4 teaching qualification in order to teach BSL. He has also a well established grounding in Deaf culture, social aspects and BSL as he has been profoundly Deaf from birth. He currently holds a Signature BSL Level 6.  Stephen has been teaching BSL in various settings for over 20 years in Norfolk and the surrounding areas. In addition, Steve and his team have taught BSL taster courses at schools (public and private) and delivered a wide range of BSL workshops across the public and private sector.

Stephen also works within a local council (part time) as community development worker. 

SHBSL Training centre has been established formally since 2016. SHBSL is fully DBS enhanced and holds Professional Indemnity Insurance and ICO.

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