You should sign up for one of Stephen Hurley’s BSL on-line courses!

If you’re interested in learning sign language and want to find classes that are engaging online, you should sign up for one of Steve Hurley’s BSL courses!

I first heard about Steve’s lesson on instagram and he was really encouraging. I was nervous about being a hearing person who was not directly involved in the Deaf community at the time, but wanted to be able to communicate with my students using BSL.

Since starting his BSL Level 1 online course in 2020, I have developed my knowledge of vocabulary and understanding of BSL grammar. Additionally, I have met other passionate, like minded individuals from all over the UK on my BSL journey. Steve works hard to ensure that lessons are collaborative and fun each week. I eagerly joined his Level 2 online course when it started in 2021.

BSL Level 2 has really helped me develop my confidence and fluency when signing. The course work is planned out in such an effective way and includes ample resources for improving receptive and conversational skills. It was nice being able to learn alongside friends from the Level 1 course and meet new friends too.

Thanks to Steve and his superb online teaching skills, I am proud to say that I applied for a teaching position in a Specialist school in London and was offered the job. I will be an English teacher at a school that provides education to students who are D/deaf and/or have speech, language and communication needs. I am so excited to continue my BSL journey.

So, if you’ve been wanting to learn sign language… SH BSL is the way to go!

Many thanks to Leyya Bux for her blog.

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