Outstanding Success Rate Despite Pandemic

I am lost for words as to how I feel about the outstanding results of this BSL Level 2 course but will try and summarise the success and passion shown by the participants.  The course only commenced a few weeks before the outbreak of Covid in the UK and subsequent Lockdown and restrictions were put in place.  

The group showed real fortitude in the way they pulled together and adapted to the changes and challenges of learning during a pandemic.  Initially, as a whole, there was some resistance to using Zoom for our classes, as everyone, including myself, preferred being face to face and seeing each other in ‘3D’. Sign Language is such an expressive language and depends very much on visual eye contact and facial expression.  

We often had periods of no lessons due to the lockdowns and various restrictions but this did not dampen the enthusiasm of the students.  Due to the ongoing nature of the unknown variables of Government rules we decided to fall back on Zoom as the “last option” for our final 3 months or so.  Everyone in the group embraced this despite their previous reservations and we all learnt together how to adapt to this way of learning remotely. 

The students also set up their own WhatsApp group and really applied themselves to getting the most out of what opportunities they had.  I could really see that actually the course and improving in their BSL skills was helping the participants to manage a really stressful period, and be able to park fears about the pandemic, while focusing on their learning.  I was so happy to be able to provide both group and one to one support to the students during the course, but especially when tensions were mounting over the exams.  The participants were hungry to learn and showed a really positive attitude to all the help; support; hints and tips they were given.  They were a pleasure to teach.

This group didn’t just achieve a 100% mark for passing the exam – this wasn’t just a scrape through despite the pandemic – they actually excelled over and above all expectations by achieving a majority in high marks for standard beyond the basic pass rate.  

The students demonstrated a passion; commitment and determination of sheer grit during very challenging circumstances. At the end of the course they all individually said that it was me that got them through; that I made it possible and I have been overwhelmed and touched with the feedback I have received from them all privately.  Several have already booked themselves onto the forthcoming Pre-Level 3 and Level 3 Courses which are in the pipeline as they felt so supported and enabled on this course.

Watch this space for further information on upcoming courses, particularly Pre-Level 3 and Level 3 which will be ideal stepping stones for further development if you have Level 2.  There is a considerable step up in skill levels between Levels 2 and 3 so for sure, I would recommend the Pre-Level 3 Course for anyone considering taking it to the next stage.  It is best to do this confidently and competently.  The Pre-Level 3 will take established skills from Level 2 and adopt some elements of Level 3 and establish you on a really confident platform from which to venture further into advanced BSL.

Please keep in touch; keep an eye on the website and feel free to contact me.

Happy signing! 


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